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Quality System
ISO9001:2015 Certified
AS9100D Certified
Supply Management Services, including "in-plant" personnel
Inventory and Distribution Facilities, with Internet World Wide Web access
Consignment Stocking Programs for on-site stock
Sourcing and Consolidation Facilities
Flexible Machining Cells and Automation
Production Cell for a family of double-end studs, hex bolts, and socket head screws M48-M72 or 1.75"-3" thread size, up to 500mm in length
Production Cell for a family of studs, bolts, screws, and other shafts ranging from 1"-4" (25-100mm) round x 6"-26" (150-660mm) long.  Includes Okuma Cadet L1420
Fanuc LR-Mate 6-Axis Robot interfaced with a Okuma CNC Lathe for high-volume small parts (1"-2" diameter x 1"-3" long)
CNC Milling Machines
Cincinnati Sabre Machining Center, 17" x 25" (430 x 635mm) table, 21 tool changer
SuperMax Max-1 Machining Centers, 16" x 26" (400 x 660mm) table, 20 tool changer
 SuperMax Max-1 Machining Center, same as above, with 4th axis
SuperMax Max-3 Machining Center, 20" x 40" (500 x 1000mm) table, 16 tools and 4th axis
SuperMax V105 Machining Centers, 20" x 40" (500 x 1000mm) table, 24 tool changer
CNC Lathes
Cincinnati Universal, 10" x 40" (250 x 1000mm) all with LNS Hydrostatic Barfeed
Cincinnati Universal, 10" x 40" (250 x 1000mm) set up for chucking work
Cincinnati Avenger, 10" x 36" (250 x 900mm) for bar or chuck work
Okuma Cadet 10, 10" x 24" (250 x 600mm) set up for chucking work
Okuma LB-25II, 10" x 50" (250 x 1250mm) set up for chucking work
Okuma Cadet L1420, 12" x 26" (300 x 660mm) set up for chucking work
Okuma Cadet L1420, 12" x 26" (300 x 660mm) with LNS Quick Load Barfeeds
Clausing Colchester Electronic Mastiff, 25" x 102" (630 x 2600mm), CNC Lathe
Clausing Colchester Electronic Triumph, 15" x 96" (380 x 2400mm), CNC Lathe
Colchester-Harrison A550 PLUS, 21" x 80" (530 x 2000mm), CNC Lathe
Colchester-Harrison A550XS, CNC Lathe
Colchester-Harrison 1400XS, CNC Lathe
Lathes - All Equipped with Digital Readouts
Turn Master 15" x 96" (380 x 2400mm)
LeBlond Makino 15" x 120" (380 x 3000mm)
Clausing Colchester 25" x 102" (630 x 2600mm)
Clausing Colchester 15" x 96" (380 x 2400mm)
Clausing Boravia 26" x 144" (660 x 3600mm)
Bridgeport #1S Production Millers
Bridgeport Mills and various other manual milling capabilities
Kinefac Thread Rollers. Maximum thread size 2.5" (M56) diameter x 4" (100mm) thread length.
Straight or tapered threads
Royal Master Centerless Grinder, up to 2" (50mm) diameter
Cincinnati OM-V Centerless Grinder, up to 4" (100mm) diameter
TOS OD Grinder, 6" x 30" (150 x 760mm)
Okamoto Surface Grinder, 12" x 24" table (300 x 600mm)
Inspection Equipment
Complete thread measurement system for measurement of english and metric threads; ID & OD; Standard, Whitworth, Buttress, and Acme; straight and tapered.   Consists of ID & OD Johnson gages, thread wires, Pratt & Whitney Supermicrometers, Mitutoyo digital pitch micrometers, optical comparators, plug and ring gages.
Giddings & Lewis/Sheffield Measurement Cordax Discovery D-8 Coordinate Measuring Machine, 20" x 24" x 16" (500 x 600 x 400mm) measuring space.
In-House Magnetic Particle Inspection equipment and personnel
CAD, CAD/CAM with virtual 3D rendering, DNC Network
Lotus Notes Domino EMail Server
Programmable Heat Treat Furnace
24" diameter x 58" (600 x 1500 mm) inside capacity, 1000 lb (450 Kg) load, 1400 F (760 C) max
for stress relieving of valve stems & bushings to customer specifications.
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ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified ISO9001:2015
Accurate Tool Company, Inc.
610-436-4500  ---  891 Fernhill Rd., West Chester, PA 19380, USA
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